Thursday September 22nd, 2022
6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Beyond Zero Series: Burn Ban - The Benefits of Induction Cooking

Induction cooktops and ranges are gaining traction in the market as an integral part of a climate-friendly building, and an efficient, healthy, and safe alternative to typical electric and gas ranges and cooktops. With advanced induction appliance technology allowing for drastic improvements to performance and heat generation without the harmful emissions, consumers are increasingly installing induction appliances in commercial and residential kitchens alike. At this Beyond Zero Series event, Building Energy Exchange and NYSERDA host a discussion with experts about how induction cooktops offer a major opportunity to realize full building electrification and significantly improve the health, comfort, and safety of New Yorkers.

New York recognizes this opportunity to lower emissions while improving health: In January of this year Governor Kathy Hochul launched New York State’s plan to achieve 2 million Climate Friendly Homes by 2030 and proposed legislation to ensure that all new building construction reaches zero-emissions by 2027. In New York City, Local Law 154 will ban natural gas and other combustion fuel use in new buildings starting in 2023, with New York State also adopting an all-electric new construction act.

To help inform building decision makers as they consider adopting induction cooktops and ranges, Building Energy Exchange and NYSERDA will share the Induction Cooking Tech Primer: User-friendly Cooktops and Ranges that Reduce Emissions and Improve Air Quality. Join this program for a showcase of this primer, and learn about the precision and efficiency of induction cooking, the reduced risk of burns, particularly for children and the elderly, the health benefits of switching off of gas for cooking, and what to consider when purchasing and installing induction ranges.

The Beyond Zero series will celebrate clean and resilient buildings, and climate-friendly homes. These sessions discuss design strategies across the State of New York that improve the health, affordability, and resiliency of communities. A multi-year effort across 2022-2023, the Beyond Zero educational series will highlight successes, strategies, incentives, and goals for accelerating building decarbonization and optimizing carbon neutral design and construction.

Opening Remarks
Lori Borowiak, 
Senior Project Manager, New Construction, NYSERDA

Jamal Lewis,
Director of Policy Partnerships & Equitable Electrification, Rewiring America

Chef Chris Galarza, Founder and Culinary Sustainability Consultant, Forward Dining Solutions
Avery Gray, Project Manager, Zakrzewski + Hyde Architects
Katie Ross, Global Real Estate & Facilities Sustainability Lead, Microsoft
Yu Ann Tan, Associate, Carbon Free Buildings, Rocky Mountain Institute



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