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The retrofits of Celebrate NYC represent Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn.


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Projects submitted to Celebrate included various combinations of retrofits. Explore them by category here:


Heating, Insulation and Ventilation

10 Projects

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Passive House

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Moderate retrofit projects invested in updating several building systems with a moderate payback period.

Moderate Retrofits

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Projects that underwent deep retrofits invested heavily in updating multiple building systems. Although these projects have a longer payback period, they reap more significant, long term energy savings.

Deep Retrofits

29 Projects

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Small buildings are residential buildings with four or less units, commercial spaces are less than 50 thousand square feet.

Mid-Sized buildings are residential buildings of more than four units under 50 thousand square feet.

Large buildings are 50-500 thousand square feet.

Very large buildings are commercial buildings greater than 500 thousand square feet.


7 Projects

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10 Projects

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25 Projects

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Very Large

14 Projects

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Additional Case Studies

For some projects, additional case studies were submitted. To view, click on the address of the project below.

Thank you to all organizations that submitted case studies!

Tighthouse, 23 Park Place, Brooklyn

River Park Towers, 20 Richman Plaza, Bronx

206 E20th St, Manhattan

2244 Morris Ave, Bronx
Boro Park Village, 1900 51st Street, Brooklyn
125 Maiden Lane, Manhattan

Selis Manor, 135 W23rd Street, Manhattan

520 Madison Ave., Manhattan

510 W188th St, Manhattan

Bronx Properties, Steven Winters Associates

Empire State Building, 400 Lexington Ave., Manhattan

Building Energy Exchange Case Studies:


Looking Forward: The Future is Buildings

The success of climate action plans around the world hinge on the performance of buildings. Nowhere is this more true than in New York City, and it is no surprise that our community has risen to this challenge. The projects highlighted in this exhibit, and the thousands like them undertaken in recent years, have done more than just reduce our carbon footprint. Each of these retrofits is a beacon of encouragement with particular lessons to share with the thousands of decision makers that will determine the future of our built environment.

The House at Cornell Tech, to the right, represents another major step forward along this path. As new construction, this project might seem different than the retrofits and renovations throughout this exhibit. But the knowledge sharing and motivation provided by the projects in this exhibit has been central to the development of a mature community. One that is ready to take on the challenges presented by climate change, and to create the energy efficient buildings of the future, such as the House at Cornell Tech. The projects featured, and others like them, are the bedrock on which we will build a more just, equitable, and sustainable city.

BE-Ex plays a central role in the education and knowledge sharing required to improve our buildings and to combat climate change. Celebrating projects like those featured in this exhibit will continue to be a major component of our work moving forward. We look forward to ensuring that everyone with a stake in the future of buildings, here and across the globe, has access to the important lessons and vital inspiration provided by these projects, and others, across New York City.

Image credit, Pavel Bendov/ArchExplorer

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