Climate Mobilization Act Series

With support from the Natural Resources Defense Council, and in partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and the NYC Retrofit Accelerator, the Building Energy Exchange is holding a series of programs designed to demystify the components of the Climate Mobilization Act and connect our community with relevant solutions.

Program Schedule

Hear from experts directly involved in the development of the legislation and those charged with its implementation to understand how NYC’s Climate Mobilization Act will impact your real estate portfolio. Most importantly, learn about resources available through NYC Retrofit Accelerator and Building Energy Exchange to help your building comply with these new requirements.

Briefing (Round 1)

May 22, 2019

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Briefing (Round 2)

May 30, 2019

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PACE Financing

July 17, 2019

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Solar & Green Roofs

October 1, 2019


WISE Tackles the CMA

October 10, 2019



We’ve selected a host of articles — written by both BE-Ex staff and partner organizations —  taking a closer look at the Climate Mobilization Act and expanding on it’s constituent parts.

Climate Mobilization Act Overview

Christian Bergland, BE-Ex

Read here

Climate Mobilization Act, Building Electrification, and the Grid of the Future

Christian Bergland, BE-Ex

Read here

Navigating New York City’s Sustainable Roof Requirements

Christian Bergland, BE-Ex

Read here

Hot Summers, Peak Demand, and LL97’s Time-of-Use Amendment

Will DiMaggio, BE-Ex

Read here

Analysis: NYC Proposes Building Emissions Limits to Meet 80×50

Jonathan Braman, Bright Power

Read here

Analysis: NYC Updates Proposed Building Emissions Limits to Meet 80×50

Jeff Perlman and Jon Braman, Bright Power

Read here

BE-Ex Resources

Tech Primers offer introductions to leading-edge efficiency solutions.

High Performance Retrofit Track: Participant Profiles highlight forward-thinking building retrofits in New York City.

Turning Data Into Action utilizes the City’s building energy usage benchmarking data to assess energy efficiency pathways by building type.

Pursuing Passive details the theoretical retrofit of a mid-century post-war building to the Passive House standard.

Better Steam Heat identifies opportunities for improving steam heating systems in large multi-family buildings.

Lighting the Way offers guidance on commercial lighting system efficiency upgrades.


Frequently Asked Questions

Read the Climate Mobilization Act Brief.

Read the Climate Mobilization Act FAQ Sheet.

Read the Solar & Green Roofs (LL92&94) Brief.

View the Climate Mobilization Act Presentation.

View the PACE Financing Presentation.

Still have questions? We’re here to help. Please send us any questions you may have on the bill, its implementation, and its long-term impact on your sector.


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