Who Cares About Energy Codes?

A vision document by Building Energy Exchange’s 2020 Architect Advisory Council, Who Cares About Energy Codes? The architect’s guide to New York City’s aggressive carbon reduction code outlines how the profession of architecture must adapt to meet imperative climate action objectives.


Envelope Showcase

The Envelope Showcase exhibit takes a deep dive into the building envelope, detailing system principles, building strategies, and market-ready technologies that effectively reduce energy use, in the context of New York City’s climate action targets and statewide electrification goals.


Heat Pump Planner

Need help determining the heat pump system that might be best for your home? Our Heat Pump Planner tool will help you learn more about heat pump technology, the types available, installation and operation costs, and questions to ask an installer.

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BE-Ex Ed

BE-Ex Ed is an e-learning platform featuring courses on energy efficiency, high-performance design, and regulations impacting the building industry. Courses are available on-demand, providing the convenience and flexibility for individuals to learn on their own time while earning continuing education credits.


Passive House Primer

Interested in learning more about Passive House but pressed for time? Join BE-Ex for the Passive House Primer – an engaging, one-hour seminar on Passive House fundamentals and their application in the NYC market. Available as a free session delivered at your office.

Please email info@be-exchange.org to schedule a Passive House Primer for your office.

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Climate Mobilization Act Primer

Get informed on New York City climate legislation and its impact on buildings. Schedule a free presentation on the Climate Mobilization Act – the ambitious, first-of-its-kind legislation placing a limit on emissions from New York City buildings.


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