We are thrilled to welcome you to Celebrate BE-Ex! A Decade of Excellence. Today we commemorate the 10+ year anniversary of the Building Energy Exchange, celebrate our recent awards, achievements, and recognize a few exceptional individuals who have contributed to our success.
Beginning in 2009 as an unfunded idea, our pioneering board, talented staff, and engaged community have firmly established Building Energy Exchange (BE-Ex) as a thriving international hub that has become a model for other cities. With buildings responsible for nearly 70% of New York City’s greenhouse gas emissions, this group recognized the power of creating a physical and virtual space that could engage all building stakeholders for effective climate action.
Today, our nonprofit center of excellence serves as a go-to resource and trusted expert to the entire building industry with thousands of educational programs, trainings, exhibits, and actionable research.
BE-Ex plays a central role in New York City and State’s climate action plans; advances high performance buildings globally, as the founding member of the United Nations International Centres of Excellence for High Performance Buildings; and has helped launch and support high performance building hubs in Washington DC, St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago, Denver, and Vancouver BC.
BE-Ex would not be here today without this amazing community of people we honor at this celebration, who defied the odds, took a risk, and helped to establish a new, innovative nonprofit to drive building decarbonization.
Please join us as we embark on BE-Ex’s next decade of excellence.
In accelerating the transformation of our built environment to meet the climate challenge, our community can shape a better tomorrow for generations to come.



For a complete timeline of our milestones, click the PDF below.

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