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The Building Energy Exchange is seeking instructors to deliver presentations from the Decarbonizing New York City Offices educational training series. 


The commercial real estate sector is at a pivotal moment. As more U.S. cities adopt climate action plans along with stricter, performance-based energy codes and standards, practitioners must rise to face the huge challenges of reducing building emissions amid an office landscape transformed by a global pandemic. In addition, the New York City building industry must prepare to meet Local Law 97’s increasingly stringent carbon emissions limits beginning in 2024. Otherwise, owners of buildings subject to the law will face fines for properties that fail to meet the mandated emissions caps.

With tenants in leased spaces typically consuming more than half of a commercial building’s energy, office spaces represent an opportunity for significant energy and carbon reductions—an endeavor that requires communication and collaboration amongst all commercial real estate stakeholders in order to unlock.

Join the fight against climate change and help the building industry prepare to meet City and State climate goals by educating commercial real estate stakeholders — including office tenants, building owners and managers, architects, engineers, sustainability/energy specialists, and legal representatives — on how to drive sustained decarbonization and energy efficiency of leased office spaces.

About the Decarbonizing New York City Offices Training Series

Building Energy Exchange (BE-Ex) is developing a training series to educate key stakeholder groups on ways to prioritize building performance and decarbonization strategies at key steps of the commercial leasing process, including the Site Selection, Letter of Intent, Lease Negotiations, and Tenant Fit-Out phases. Each training session will be approximately 30-60 min in length and be targeted towards one of the following audiences:

  • Office Tenants
  • Building Owners/Managers
  • Consultants: Architects, Engineers, and Sustainability/Energy Specialists

Presentation content will include insights into the regulatory drivers impacting the commercial building industry, rationale for changing business as usual to practices that prioritize efficiency and carbon reduction within office spaces, and will spotlight stakeholder-specific playbooks, a suite of pragmatic resources developed under the Decarbonizing NYC Offices project, and other tools to support decarbonization efforts within leased tenant spaces.

Instructor Commitment

BE-Ex is seeking instructors to deliver these training sessions, with a preference for individuals who can teach all three target audiences: tenants, building owners/managers, and consultants. This teaching commitment will extend for approximately eight months, beginning in Q3 2023. Instructors are expected to deliver roughly two trainings per month.

Courses will be delivered live either online, via Zoom, or in person. BE-Ex may also offer sessions at our resource center in downtown Manhattan, and at local offices, upon request. Instructors are not required to be NYC residents in order to qualify. BE-Ex will market public sessions on our events calendar and through digital communications. BE-Ex will also encourage interested parties to request private presentations through our website.

Instructors will be recognized on the BE-Ex website, course materials, and marketing materials for the trainings across BE-Ex’s communication channels. Instructors are permitted to identify their firm and position, as well as circulate business cards on request, but are not allowed to solicit business or distribute marketing materials. BE-Ex Instructors can identify themselves as such in their own marketing materials and will be provided with other opportunities for professional exposure.

Preferred Qualifications and Requirements

 Ideal candidates preferably meet the following criteria:

  • Prior teaching and/or public speaking experience.
  • 5-10 years of experience in commercial real estate, engineering, architecture, design, or construction management.
  • Willingness to advertise the courses among your professional networks.
  • Commitment to memorize the material and provide periodic feedback.
  • Ability/willingness to deliver courses to multiple stakeholder groups, e.g. Commercial Tenants, Building Owners/Managers, and Consultants.

BE-Ex seeks to build an inclusive organization grounded in respect for differences, and we encourage applications from all qualified individuals. BE-Ex provides equal opportunities to all, regardless of age, race, creed, color, religion, origin, disability, citizenship, sex, gender, orientation.

New instructors must attend a course materials orientation session, at a date to be determined by BE-Ex, which will be hosted via webinar, or in-person at the Building Energy Exchange. Please note that instructors will serve on a provisional basis until speaking ability and familiarity with the presentation are confirmed by observation and audience feedback.

BE-Ex will provide compensation for each course presentation. See the Instructor Application for more information.



  • Commercial
  • Passive House / High Performance

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