Originally published in Building Energy Exchange Quarterly Report (Q4 2022)

2022.  What a year.  Hurricanes in Florida; wildfires in California; heatwaves in the Northwest; European droughts; monsoon flooding in Pakistan; and, closer to home, the 10-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy; and…and…and….

But all is not gloom and doom.  In New York, alone, we have a new progressive governor; a thoroughly refreshed city council; a new mayor and chief climate officer; a new office of climate and environmental justice; a new deputy commissioner of sustainability; and a new state building decarbonization executive.  And we see the growing momentum beyond our state lines: Building Performance Standards being adopted by a growing coalition —over 38 states and local governments— and required in federal buildings; and the passage of two historic federal bills that will bring over a trillion dollars to projects that repair, rebuild and reimagine our crumbling infrastructure and provide $370 billion to address climate change, promising to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2030.

At the Building Energy Exchange, our community of doers, leaners, and the high-performance-curious started to re-emerge from their Zoom rooms, to reconnect and interact with one another, sharing their insights, experiences, and ideas.  With more than 110 events, 8,900 attendees, 1,200 on-demand courses, and over 15 new publications, the BE-Ex team dramatically advanced our mission to accelerate the transition to high-performance buildings online, in person, and on demand, this year, including:

  • Our WISE (Women in Sustainability and Energy) series provided 8 engaging programs, including a sold-out mentoring luncheon.
  • The 9th annual Daylight Hour campaign included 30,000 participants from 23 countries celebrating daylighting and saving energy.
  • Our Building Performance Partnership supported the planning, launch and growth of building efficiency resource hubs in five US cities; and launched an online event series, “Building a Better Future,” with a huge national audience.
  • The 110 educational events included well-attended programs from our Climate Mobilization Act, High Rise / Low Carbon, and Beyond Zero series, providing real examples of successful decarbonization projects and compliance pathways.
  • Our LL97 Carbons Emissions Calculator was refreshed to reflect new DOB rules and provide more functionality, attracting over 1,200 users in its first month.
  • An Induction Cooking Technology Primer and first High Rise / Low Carbon Partner Profile were highlights of several actionable resources we shared with our community of building decision-makers.

So here’s to 2022 and all we accomplished, together.  And now, with a new governor, a new mayor, and the momentum of historic climate legislation (and funding), 2023 promises to be a year of growth and impactful engagement.


Richard C. Yancey
Executive Director
Building Energy Exchange

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