Executive Director Richard Yancey and Managing Director Yetsuh Frank. Photo Credit: Jason Andrew for the Wall Street Journal, 2015.

It is with a note of both sadness and excitement that I share that Yetsuh Frank will be leaving Building Energy Exchange, at the end of August. We are grateful for Yetsuh’s work in helping to create our unprecedented center of excellence to address real, tangible climate action in buildings; and wish him tremendous success in his new adventure.

This transition is a great opportunity for Yetsuh, where we know he’ll excel and do great things. It is also a well-timed moment for BE-Ex, as we plot a path forward. Our organization, and the work we do, has become a model for effective climate action in the built environment for cities across the country and around the world. We have created a strong and resilient organization, with an intelligent and dedicated staff, both well-positioned to grow and tackle new challenges.

Warm regards,

With a mix of bittersweet emotions, I’d like to share that I’ll be leaving the Building Energy Exchange at the end of August.

I am enormously proud of my role across the last decade helping Richard and the rest of the team create and develop the Building Energy Exchange–an organization that is now absolutely central to climate action in this region and around the globe. I am departing an absolutely thriving organization, teeming with brilliant and dedicated staff with a fully deserved reputation for first in class education and myriad other resources that will only improve in the months and years ahead. I am proud of so many things here at BE-Ex: the community we have created, the myriad educational events, the specific resources I have written or edited, but I am perhaps most proud of the team that I have worked with so closely and who will now have an opportunity to more fully spread their wings.

I hope it is clear to everyone in our community that it would take something very special to pry me away from BE-Ex. Such an opportunity has presented itself and I felt I couldn’t pass it up. In September I will be joining an ESG and sustainability consulting firm, EVORA Global, working with a small team to launch their first office in North America right here in New York City. EVORA has a stellar reputation in the UK and EU providing strategic consulting services to real estate investment firms and this is a singular opportunity to help them introduce that expertise to the burgeoning US market.

This is a fantastic community and I hope everyone involved with BE-Ex will stay in touch.

Yetsuh Frank

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