Thursday July 27th, 2023
9:30 am to 11:00 am

Climate Mobilization Act Series: If, How, When – NYC Building Envelopes

Building envelopes are a crucial component of a building system, impacting energy efficiency, safety, and aesthetics. With NYC legislation in place, including Local Law 11 and Local Law 97, many building stakeholders are wondering if, how, and when they should upgrade their building envelope.

Join BE-Ex and NRDC at the next Climate Mobilization Act Series event to demystify the policy and technical conditions regarding envelope upgrades, when they are advisable, how to get them done, and their importance in achieving local goals of building sustainability and safety. Participants will hear a conversation from industry experts and practitioners on circumstances that trigger envelope retrofits on large commercial and multifamily buildings across New York.

Gabrielle Brainard, Associate Principal, Enclosure Design Specialist, SOM

Todd Kimmel, US Senior Manager of Sustainable Solutions, Rockwool

Gabrielle Brainard, Associate Principal,  SOM
Bill Edwards, Executive Vice President, Core Holdings, Rockefeller Group
Jack Jenkins, Director of Energy and Sustainability, Robert Derector Associates
Alissa Bucher, Partner, Rogers Partners



Photo credit: © SOM | Miysis

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