1. Share your favorite energy factoid 

    I’m constantly absorbing factoids from BloombergNEF and saw this one earlier today: for two-thirds of our global population, it is now cheaper to get energy by developing wind or solar projects than fossil-fuel projects. 

  2. What energy conservation campaign would you start in your office or want to share with other offices? 

    Like many offices today, we have open floor plans, which around the time I started at Bloomberg, didn’t allow for great lighting control. Now, there’s a much greater potential for adjustable lighting, using a combination of sensors, daylighting, and manual controls to limit energy use. Ideally, I’d suggest relying as much on daylighting as possible.

  3. What are you currently reading? 

    I just finished “Running to the Edge,” by Matthew Futterman, on the visionary long-distance running coach Bob Larsen, who’s unique training philosophy inspired Olympic medalists and highlighted the importance of team. As an avid runner, the book really spoke to me. 

  4. What are some ways you reduce your carbon footprint at home? 

    I focus on the basics – opting for LEDs, adjusting set points on my thermostat, and recycling. As my three kids know, I can be a bit of a pain when the bins aren’t properly sorted!My last house was able to support rooftop solar. While tree cover is preventing me from getting on-site solar at my current house, I’m planning on subscribing to a community solar project, currently under development, in my area.

  5. What is your personal superpower? 

    I think my ability to really focus in on whatever I’m tasked with in the moment is my super power.

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