This past Friday, the NYC Department of Buildings released Buildings Bulletin 2019-10, clarifying green roof and solar requirements for new and existing buildings under Local Laws 92 and 94 of 2019. Among the clarifications include definitions of “Sustainable Roofing Zone”, exemptions, and detailed compliance paths.

Per the technical bulletin, building owners must provide solar PV systems if 1) their contiguous roof area is less than 200 square feet and a 4kW capacity solar PV system is viable, or 2) their building has a high-slope roof that can accommodate a 4kW capacity solar PV system.

For low-slope rooftops with contiguous roof area greater or equal to 200 square feet, building decision makers can choose between solar PV systems, green roof systems, or a combination of both.

For high-slope roofs that cannot accommodate 4kW systems, building owners will be exempt from complying with sustainable roof requirements.

These determinations must be made by a qualified contractor or NYS registered design professional.

Affordable housing will need to comply with the requirements of Local Laws 92 and 94 to the extent determined by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

The DOB Buildings Bulletin arrives just ahead of Local Laws 92 and 94 taking effect in mid-November. This technical bulletin provides critical details for building decision makers attempting to evaluate future obligations and potential compliance pathways.

Download the bulletin below.

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