The Women in Sustainability and Energy (WISE) series is an inclusive platform for both women and men to learn from experienced leaders, to share knowledge, and to advance equity in the workplace.

The Building Energy Exchange launched the WISE series in 2015. In just three four, we have held 18 sold-out events featuring women leaders from across the industry, attracting nearly 1,500 professionals.

This series has featured women professionals from across the energy and sustainability field who have pioneered and accelerated sustainability programs in the government and private sector, they have built successful startups, and they have spearheaded social justice campaigns.

In addition to showcasing impressive women leaders, WISE serves as a networking forum and framework for year-round dialogue. It is crucial that the growing number of professionals in the energy and sustainability industries have access to role models and to networking and mentorship opportunities. These opportunities are essential to furthering the careers of young professionals. Improving retention and diversity in the field is vitally important to advancing energy and sustainability agendas.

The WISE series has received overwhelming enthusiasm and support, and BE-Ex looks forward to continuing to organize high-level WISE symposia in consultation with our steering committee and informed by attendee interest.

Learn more about each year of WISE and see how the series has grown:
WISE 2015
WISE 2016
WISE 2017
WISE 2018

BE-Ex’s WISE series is helping to develop the next generation of sustainability leaders. As both a speaker and a participant, I have found that WISE is not only inspirational, but also offers high quality content around the critical questions facing the sustainability and energy communities.Dale Bryk, Chief Planning and Integration Officer, NRDC

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