Tuesday March 16th, 2021
8:30 am to 9:30 am

Meeting the demands of our low-carbon future will require a new focus by project teams on an integrated process. Green building advocates have long argued for a more fluid and iterative workflow for design professionals, arguing that this would produce more effective projects. As increasingly stringent energy codes and landmark legislations like Local Law 97, NYC’s carbon emissions limit law, force project teams to reconsider legacy processes, these desires may be turning into a reality.

As part of the ongoing Integration Series, join the AIANY Committee on the Environment, ASHRAE New York, and the Building Energy Exchange for a sweeping discussion of how engineers, architects, and sustainability consultants can work together in a more integrated fashion. At what points in the process is tightly coordinated work the most critical? What tools can teams use to facilitate this integration? How do we educate owners on the need for this more integrated process, which may imply increased costs in early design? These questions and more, including selections from the audience, will be discussed by our esteemed panel.

Sydney Mainster
, Vice President of Sustainability & Design Management, The Durst Organization

Lois Arena, PE
, Director of Passive House Services, Steven Winter Associates
Andrea Love, AIA, Director of Building Science, Payette
Dan Nall, FAIA, PE, Director, Daniel Nall Consultant



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