Wednesday May 17th, 2023
3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

NYSERDA’s Grid-Interactive Building Showcase

Join BE-Ex and NYSERDA for an industry showcase of Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings, exploring existing solutions for demand flexibility that leverage smart technology coupled with deep energy retrofits to reduce operating costs, meet climate objectives, and increase grid stability.

The growth in distributed energy resources in tandem with technological advancements in building control systems, have paved the way for building grid-interactivity—a set of strategies and technologies that enable building owners and operators to rapidly shape energy loads to meet changing grid conditions. Increasingly, high-performance retrofits are incorporating grid-interactive technologies to further optimize building performance, reduce emissions, and importantly, reduce utility and operating costs for building owners and tenants. Buildings, once solely energy consumers, become assets to the grid, using grid-interactive systems to reduce, shift, or generate energy as needed—like reducing loads during peak demand events, or shifting consumption towards times when energy is cleaner and cheaper.

BE-Ex, in partnership with NYSERDA’s Real Time Energy Management Program and Multifamily Program, welcome building owners, designers, and technology providers active in this critical field for a presentation of key technologies, implementation strategies, and a business case for retrofits on a path to carbon neutrality in the context of Local Law 97 compliance and broader New York State climate goals.

Join us at the Exchange for this unique opportunity to meet with and hear from leading practitioners involved in the implementation and operation of grid-interactive buildings, understand how these strategies apply to your portfolio, and connect with solutions providers in this growing field.


3:00pm: Opening Remarks
3:05pm: NYSERDA Multifamily Program Overview
3:15pm: Case Study 1: Paul Castrucci Architects
3:45pm: Case Study 2: Riseboro Community Partnership
4:15pm: NYSERDA RTEM Program Overview
4:25pm: RTEM Fireside Chat: Prescriptive Data, Rudin, Logical Buildings
5:30pm:  Program Ends, Networking


Cody Glavey-Weiss, Project Manager, Advanced Energy Solutions, NYSERDA
William Xia, Director, Multifamily Residential, NYSERDA
David Klatt, Chief Operating Officer, Logical Buildings
Cindy Zhu, Director of Grid Services, Prescriptive Data
Grayson Jordan, Partner, Paul A. Castrucci Architects
Ryan Cassidy, Director of Sustainability & Construction, RiseBoro Community Partnership
Luis M. Rios, Assistant Vice President, Rudin Management Co.


Kristen Palma, Strategic Engagement Manager, RTEM, NYSERDA




photo credit: Paul A. Castrucci Architects 

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