Wednesday May 17th, 2023
3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

NYSERDA’s Grid-Interactive Building Showcase

Join BE-Ex and NYSERDA for an industry showcase of Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings, exploring existing solutions for demand flexibility that leverage smart technology coupled with deep energy retrofits to reduce operating costs, meet climate objectives, and increase grid stability.

The growth in distributed energy resources in tandem with technological advancements in building control systems, have paved the way for building grid-interactivity—a set of strategies and technologies that enable building owners and operators to rapidly shape energy loads to meet changing grid conditions. Increasingly, high-performance retrofits are incorporating grid-interactive technologies to further optimize building performance, reduce emissions, and importantly, reduce utility and operating costs for building owners and tenants. Buildings, once solely energy consumers, become assets to the grid, using grid-interactive systems to reduce, shift, or generate energy as needed—like reducing loads during peak demand events, or shifting consumption towards times when energy is cleaner and cheaper.

BE-Ex, in partnership with NYSERDA’s Real Time Energy Management Program and Multifamily Program, welcome building owners, designers, and technology providers active in this critical field for a presentation of key technologies, implementation strategies, and a business case for retrofits on a path to carbon neutrality in the context of Local Law 97 compliance and broader New York State climate goals.

Join us at the Exchange for this unique opportunity to meet with and hear from leading practitioners involved in the implementation and operation of grid-interactive buildings, understand how these strategies apply to your portfolio, and connect with solutions providers in this growing field.


3:00pm: Opening Remarks
3:05pm: NYSERDA Multifamily Program Overview
3:15pm: Case Study 1: Paul Castrucci Architects
3:45pm: Case Study 2: Riseboro Community Partnership
4:15pm: NYSERDA RTEM Program Overview
4:25pm: RTEM Fireside Chat: Prescriptive Data, Rudin, Logical Buildings
5:30pm:  Program Ends, Networking


Cody Glavey-Weiss, Project Manager, Advanced Energy Solutions, NYSERDA

Cody Glavey-Weiss is a Project Manager on NYSERDA’s Advanced Efficiency Solutions team where he leads the Real-Time Energy Management initiative, a set of programs focused on leveraging real-time data to create healthy, sustainable, and occupant-responsive buildings; manages the ongoing development of the RTEM Data Warehouse, one of the largest public repositories of real-time data in the country; and supports market development of building decarbonization technology programs with public & private stakeholders.


William Xia, Director, Multifamily Residential, NYSERDA

Will Xia is the Director of Multifamily Residential programs at NYSERDA, where he currently manages a multimillion-dollar portfolio of programs that help residents save money on energy, reduce their carbon emissions, and electrify their homes. Will has also served as Assistant Director, Clean Heating & Cooling at NYSERDA, where he promoted the statewide adoption of innovative thermal energy networks that can serve as a future business model for natural gas utilities. Prior to NYSERDA, Will had a ten-plus year career at Con Edison – New York City’s electric, gas, and steam utility – where he worked in roles of increasing responsibility on energy efficiency, demand management, and traditional electric and gas utility operations.

David Klatt, Chief Operating Officer, Logical Buildings

As the COO of Logical Buildings, David is responsible for analyzing and optimizing building energy performance through the implementation of software and cleantech capital projects across thousands of buildings. He sits on the CREtech Climate Leadership Board, is cleantech 40 under 40 and is a member of the cleantech leaders roundtable. David is passionate about making energy efficiency fun, easy and accessible and using data analytics and technology to effectuate positive environmental change in buildings.


Cindy Zhu, Director of Grid Services, Prescriptive Data

Cindy Zhu works at the intersection of real estate, energy efficiency, and emerging building technologies. She is currently Director of the Grid Services team at Prescriptive Data and has previously led major climate and energy initiatives at federal and state government agencies, including the U.S. Department of Energy and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Biological sciences from Carnegie Mellon University and a master’s degree in Environmental Policy & Sustainability Management from The New School.


Grayson Jordan, Partner, Paul A. Castrucci Architects

Grayson Jordan is a Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC) and Registered Architect practicing in the States of New York and Massachusetts. He has worked on a wide range of project types and scales in and around the New York City area. His work within the firm has been focused on energy efficiency and sustainability. Mr. Jordan was the project architect for the City’s first Passive House Net Zero building (R-951 Residence) and the NYSERDA Buildings of Excellence Blue Ribbon Winning Bethany Senior Terraces, an affordable housing building for seniors. He has worked closely with developers, individual clients, the DOB, DDC, DCA, HPD, Landmark’s Commission, DEP, City Planning, and other city agencies. Outside of the office, Mr. Jordan is a member of the AIA COTE Social Equity Committee and has focused on advocating for the use of community engagement in the design process. He is an active member of the NYC Energy Code advisory board, and he frequently presents the firm’s work in Passive House, sustainability and modular construction to the general public, students and fellow professionals.

Ryan Cassidy, Director of Sustainability & Construction, RiseBoro Community Partnership

Ryan Cassidy is the Director of Sustainability & Construction for RiseBoro Community Partnership, where he manages the design and construction of a robust affordable housing pipeline. Ryan has developed and monitored the construction of over 100 buildings. His experience ranges from two-family home ownership programs to large multi-family complexes with retail and community facility components. He supervised the construction of the first multi-family affordable Passive Houses in NYC and is currently renovating existing buildings to the Passive House standard.


Luis M. Rios, Assistant Vice President, Rudin Management Co.

Luis Rios serves as Assistant Vice President, Operations & Sustainability Manager at Rudin Management Company (RMC). The RMC portfolio consists of 10M sq.ft. of class A commercial and 5M sq.ft. of luxury multi-family buildings. Luis is responsible for the management & coordination of the Energy & ESG program for Rudin’s portfolio. Luis’s responsibilities include energy, carbon & sustainability local law compliance, utility management, waste management strategies, and WELL Health & Safety. He coordinates closely with the Operations & Engineering teams to develop and implement strategies to improve the portfolio’s carbon footprint and meet RMC’s carbon NetZero goals. He serves in the capacity of Sr. Advisor to Prescriptive Data on the development of Nantum OS, Technology that provides operators situational awareness and improves building performance in real-time. Luis has extensive experience working with Utilities, Energy Trade Associations, Energy & Sustainability Groups, Policy Makers, and RE Corporate Stakeholders, with over 16 years of extensive NYC real estate experience and serves as Co-President of the NYECC. Luis attended Mount Saint Mary College, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business management and administration.


Kristen Palma, Strategic Engagement Manager, RTEM, NYSERDA




photo credit: Paul A. Castrucci Architects 

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