Friday May 18th, 2018
8:30 am to 10:00 am

WISE: Women in Power – A Conversation with Caroline Angoorly - Video Excerpt

WISE: Women in Power - A Conversation with Caroline Angoorly

This Building Energy Exchange Women in Sustainability and Energy (WISE) keynote event featured Caroline Angoorly, chief operating officer of the New York Green Bank.

Angoorly is a senior executive who knows the energy and environmental sectors well. She has worked closely with power and fuels markets, focused on projects related to clean technologies, environmental instruments, markets, regulation, and policy. Angoorly has particular expertise in project development and finance.

Erin Robert, fueled by her work as global head of Capital strategies for Corporate Responsibility at JP Morgan Chase, moderated this one-on-one discussion. Robert is responsible for the firm’s initiative to put capital into companies, projects, and funds with specific environmental goals. She focuses on market-based, scalable solutions.

The conversation explored Angoorly’s past work in financial markets and project financing, as well as her current work at the NY Green Bank accelerating clean energy deployment in New York State.

Erin Robert, Executive Director of Sustainable Finance, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Caroline Angoorly, Chief Operating Officer, New York Green Bank

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