Building Energy Exchange welcomes North American Passive House Network as supporting partner, expanding reach and impact.

New York’s energy efficiency center of excellence, the Building Energy Exchange, recognizes new supporting partner, North American Passive House Network (NAPHN), an organization dedicated to curbing the impacts of climate change through widespread adoption of high-performance building design standards.

NAPHN consists of 4 chapters and 9 regional affiliate Passive House organizations nationwide. Their 1,000+ members lead the transformation of the building industry to low-energy, high-performance Passive House design and construction.


An energy efficiency center of excellence in Manhattan, the Building Energy Exchange (BE-Ex) is an independent non-profit organization providing education, exhibits, and resources to the building industry to accelerate the transition to healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient buildings.

BE-Ex welcomes new supporting member, North American Passive House Network (NAPHN), a network of chapters and affiliate organizations aimed at the transformation of the built environment, utilizing the tools developed by the Passive House Institute to dramatically reduce a building’s ecological footprint while optimizing for comfort and livability. A non-profit organization, NAPHN provides education and training, policy and advocacy coordination, conferences, advanced workshops, and publications to engage design and building professionals, policymakers, and the general public around high-performance building strategies.

As a supporter of the Passive House standard, BE-Ex has hosted forums and trainings aimed at accelerating the adoption Passive House design principles. Their Passive House Primers provide a plain-English introduction to high-performance construction concepts for architects, engineers, and building professionals. BE-Ex staff have written extensively on the topic: High Performance Building Resources (January 15, 2019), Pursuing Passive: Strategies for a High Comfort, Low Energy Retrofit in NYC (October 16, 2018), Actively Passive (January 13, 2016), and Passive NYC (November 2015).

Together, NAPHN and BE-Ex aim to expand their reach and impact through the hosting of NAPHN programs, like their Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant (CPHD/C) trainings, workshops, and the development of more effective joint programs and reports. BE-Ex will also welcome NAPHN representatives to the Industry Leadership Council, a select group that advises staff on strategic and technical questions related to BE-Ex’s work.

We welcome NAPHN to the BE-Ex community, having worked closely with them for a number of years and given our shared vision for a sustainable future defined by a radical transformation of the built environment. I look forward to their strengthened presence and participation here at the Exchange. Their pool of expertise and combined experience will help to achieve New York City’s goals of a sustainable future,” said Richard Yancey, Executive Director, Building Energy Exchange.

“Partnering with aligned organizations like BE-Ex, as we push to transform the built environment to align with a comfortable, healthy and low-carbon future, will make our task that much easier and effective – not to mention more enjoyable. NAPHN is delighted to formalize an already productive working relationship with BE-Ex via this agreement,” said Bronwyn Barry, Board President, North American Passive House Network.

In addition to NAPHN, key supporters of the Building Energy Exchange include: NYSERDA, ASHRAE New York Chapter, Illuminating Engineering Society New York City Section, Tishman Speyer, National Grid, New York Power Authority, Con Edison, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Mecho, the Durst Organization, Willdan, Brookfield Properties, the Real Estate Board of new York, Vornado Realty Trust, and others.

The BUILDING ENERGY EXCHANGE (BE-Ex) accelerates the transition to healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient buildings by servings as a resource and trusted expert to the building industry. BE-Ex creates educational programs, tools, and exhibits that connect building decision makers to everyday energy efficiency solutions and high-performance building technologies. Our downtown center of excellence provides inspirational and informative trainings, events, and exhibits that lead to action, creating a community of engaged leaders.

NORTH AMERICAN PASSIVE HOUSE NETWORK (NAPHN) is a 501c3 non-profit educational and advocacy organization leading the transformation of the building industry to low-energy, high-performance Passive House design and construction. NAPHN supports the widespread adoption of the international Passive House design and construction standards, building science principles and protocols. NAPHN partners with leading stakeholders across all building sectors, including: governments, professional associations, manufacturers, owners, builders, labor organizations, and educational institutions, to make the transformation complete.


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