Friday April 27th, 2018
8:30 am to 10:00 am

WISE: Women in Power – A Conversation with Vicki Kuo - Video Excerpt

WISE: Women in Power - A Conversation with Vicki Kuo

This Building Energy Exchange for a Women in Sustainability and Energy (WISE) keynote event featured Vicki Kuo, director of Energy Efficiency and Demand Management at Con Edison.

Kuo oversees a cross-functional group that monitors, screens, and utilizes emerging energy efficiency technologies. By partnering with Internet of Things (IoT) companies, Kuo and her team have introduced new products and innovative program approaches to Con Edison’s business model.

Katherine Tweed of Green Tech Media (GTM) moderated this one-on-one discussion, drawing on audience questions as well as her own experience as a senior writer at GTM, where she focuses on grid edge, demand response, energy efficiency, and home networking.

The conversation explored Kuo’s work at Con Edison transforming the utility model, and the ways in which her previous professional experiences have shaped the work she is doing today.

Katherine Tweed, Senior Editor, Green Tech Media

Vicki Kuo, director of Energy Efficiency and Demand Management, Con Edison

8:00 Registration & Networking
8:30 Welcoming Remarks
8:40 Discussion
9:30 Audience Q&A
10:00 Close

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