The Building Energy Exchange (BE-Ex) accelerates the transition to healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient buildings by serving as a resource and trusted expert to the building industry. >

BE-Ex is the first in a growing network of building decarbonization hubs across the country and around the world. >

High Rise / Low Carbon Series

The High Rise / Low Carbon Series highlights NYSERDA’s Empire Building Challenge and the commitments of the Challenge Partners. The series is designed to inspire action among New York’s building industry stakeholders and invite the world’s top solution providers to join New York on its journey toward a low-carbon future.


Envelope Showcase

The Envelope Showcase exhibit takes a deep dive into the building envelope, detailing system principles, building strategies, and market-ready technologies that effectively reduce energy use, in the context of New York City’s climate action targets and statewide electrification goals.


Passive House Training Series

Stay ahead of changing energy codes, climate regulations, and the rapidly evolving real estate market. Explore BE-Ex’s courses on Passive House – a high comfort, low energy-use building standard shaping the future of the industry.


Decarbonizing NYC Offices Project

Developed in partnership with NYSERDA, NYC Climate Action Alliance, and the Institute for Market Transformation, this initiative advances New York’s ambitious plan to fight climate change amid an office landscape transformed by a global pandemic.


Heat Pump Planner

Need help determining the heat pump system that might be best for your home? Our Heat Pump Planner tool will help you learn more about heat pump technology, the types available, installation and operation costs, and questions to ask an installer.

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