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The exhibit, Celebrate NYC: Building a Sustainable City, is no longer on display. Celebrate NYC was open to the public from April 2018 through December 2019.

New York City was one of the first communities to think critically about the way our built environment contributes to climate change. Buildings are responsible for 70% of New York City’s greenhouse gas emissions. The leadership of dedicated professionals has  guided the way to reducing the environmental impact of our built environment, and has pushed New York City towards realizing its ambitious goal of reducing 80% of greenhouse gases by 2050. 

Building Energy Exchange called for submissions from across our community, and compiled Celebrate NYC, a showcase of energy efficient building renovations and retrofits. This exhibit features upgrades and improvement of existing buildings of all different sizes and purposes throughout New York City, such as lighting, controls, HVAC, envelope, and domestic hot water.


Building types throughout New York City are represented, including market rate and affordable residential buildings, commercial properties, as well as public spaces such as The Met and Javits Center. 

Each project in the exhibit shows the work of a diverse set of professionals, and the support of multiple organizations and government agencies. Each individual contribution to reducing the City’s impact on the environment contributes to the collective goal of 80×50, and unites the city towards progress.

We hope this exhibit shines light on these achievements and supports and inspires continued commitment to a sustainable future for all New Yorkers.

The exhibit, made possible by the New York City Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, has been adapted for online use. To see the projects, click below:

Explore the Projects


1 East Loop Road

1000 Fifth Ave.

1211 Ave. of the Americas

125 Maiden Lane

135 W 23rd St

1515 Broadway

1890 Lexington  Ave.

1990 Lexington  Ave.

1295 5th Ave.

1956 1st Ave.

2 Charlton St.

200 West St.

206 East 20th St.

245 East 54th St.

25 West 88th St.

252 First Ave.

330 West 30th St.

325 West 29th St.

340 East 34th St.

345 Park  Ave.

377 East 10th St.

4 Times Square

40 West 20th St.

405 Lexington  Ave.

510 West 188th St.

520 Madison  Ave.

53 West 71st St.

552 Main St.

56 7th Ave.

60 Columbus Circle

601 West 26th St.

633 Third Ave.

655 West 34th St.

70 East 127th St.  

152 West 124th St.  

2353 2nd Ave.

72 Park Terrace

721 East 6th St.

909 Third Ave.


The Bronx

1109 Franklin Ave.

1632 University Ave.

95 Brandt Place  

1187 Boston Road  

94 Brandt Place  

3758 Third Ave.

1212 Boston Road  

1214 Boston Road  

1216 Boston Road  

600 East 167th St.  

1268 Clay Ave.

656 East 166th St.

538 Claremont Parkway  

818 East 166th St.

3950 Bronx Boulevard  

1273 Webster Ave.

1267 Webster Ave.

1241 Webster Ave.

1245 Webster Ave.

1259-1265-1269 College  Ave.

 1890 Andrews Ave.

1641 Andrews Ave 

539-541 147th St.



105 Willow St.

158 Clifton Place

1717 East 18th St.

1900 51st St.  

20 Garden Place

229 Stratford Road  

23 Park Place

270 Pulaski St.

345 Thatford Ave.

420 Watkins St.

353 Chester St.

438-452 Euclid Ave.

9 College Place 



118-17 Union Turnpike

42-03 35th St.

45-08 40th St.

61-20 Grand Central Parkway


  • Deep Retrofits
  • New Construction
  • Retrofit
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Multi-Family
  • Passive House / High Performance
  • Celebrate NYC
  • Passive House

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